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To provide our clients with professional advice to analyze and select the best option for managing their risks. Advisors of Health / Life Expenditure Plans. Individual and Collective An Impenetrable Protection Solution


To be an innovative company preferred by our clients and families, to offer products and services oriented to the client delivering a superior experience


Our mission is to promote positive change through the Values and Principles. For more information of values visit our values enlinea.com    


Enlinea started as an international telephone company, providing the state of communications in 1995. Enlinea grew from a zero operation, for 20 years it grew to become a company with more than 22,000 clients and a workforce of 12 people that provided Around 24 hours of service to all our customers.

The growth was our belief that the client should not only get great professional customer service, but we would also like to make an extra effort to delight each and every one of the clients.

Our clients loved our great customer service, and our growth came mainly from word of mouth recommendations.

We had a good center for 20 years, but with Skype, and other free (or almost free) communications services becoming ubiquitous, we, therefore, decided to reinventions.

Our President, Mr. John Gilbert has extensive experience in the health and life insurance business. Today Enlinea has been identified and associated with several companies that offer unique health and life products for all of our clients in Central and South America and in fact all over the world.

Our products are unique in that they can be purchased online completely. We can deliver the product or service to you very quickly, and sometimes even immediately in the place.

We are very happy that these products are only for you, along with our reputation for our professional customer service and quick response.

Our goal, as it has always been, is to ensure that you receive excellent professional service, but also that you are an enchanted client.

We thank you - our former online customers and our new clients - in what allows us to help provide you with the products and services that are your most important needs: To secure your family's financial future; to protect your health; and have options to see some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we invite you to join us in being part of your future.

Very truly yours,

John Gilbert and the Enlinea Team.